Eco Ethos

All aspects of my photography business are powered by a Renewable Energy Resource and are processed with an Eco Friendly Ethos

I aim to:

1) Use Digital Photography at all times limiting the need for printing.

2) Utilise online web galleries whenever possible reducing the use of paper.

3) Respect and preserve all species within the natural environment to contribute towards conservation.

4) Use rechargeable camera batteries fuelled by a renewable energy resource at all times.

5) Deal with companies with an environmental action plan whenever possible.

6) Purchase goods locally/within the UK to reduce carbon footprint whenever possible.

7) Reuse packaging materials when shipping products to customers.

8) Subscribe to online banking and newsletters from professional organisations to reduce the use of paper.

9) Recycle all used paper, plastic and glass reducing landfill and production.

10) Unplug all electronic devices when not in use to conserve electricity.